Crew Brew

Powered Energy Boost - Just add water

the BETTER CHOICE. "experience sustained caffeine free energy"

B vitamins and immune builders

just add water

Crew Brew is an energy and immunity

builder. A "B" Better way of life!

Developed for the CREW of a mega touring band in 2009 Crew Brew is now used on tons of MEGA tours by bands like

Earth Wind and Fire , Little Big Town, Matchbox 20, Linkin Park to name a few.

"experience sustained caffeine free energy"

Supplements that activate you: S.T.A.Y.


Whether going for an early-morning run or hike, or waking up to the daily grind of work, school and everyday life, the body needs energy. It’s a necessary physiological and cellular conversation that takes place on a continuous basis; and, just like any other conversation in the body, when interrupted, it can cause a negative effect.

We created CREW BREW due to the concerns of caffeine contained in the Energy Drink Market:  Among adolescents, caffeine consumption has been linked to elevated blood pressure and sleep disturbances and the jump in consumption is due to the availability of and the millions of dollars spent in "marketing and free give away's from these energy drink companies" We care about the Well Being of people"